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If you are looking to get laid, please take a look at - they are doing a great job in helping us all find sex and start meeting women who want to fuck. There is a list of sites you can try out, such as

I've been accused of being too hard on sexting apps to sex chat with people and exchange nudes with the "romantic hearts-n-flowers BDSM crowd". 

Be warned. I deal in reality.

If you don't, you may want to take your leave.

Submission is not a gift. Pain hurts. You do have limits. You are ultimately responsible for yourself.

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Screamer, April, 2006


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We are currently transitioning all of our Strictly family of mailing lists into a message board system.  If you are needing some pills to help you stay hard, try out the ED plans at Please join us there for thoughtful sex dating to find a hookup with local women and discussion on all aspects of BDSM.

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